The financial burdens of COVID-19 have put many small and midsize businesses in search of affordable ways to market their business. The good news is that more people are spending time online than ever before, and there are plenty of simple ways to reach your customers digitally without spending a dime.

Here, we are sharing 10 free strategies to expand your reach on four popular online platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Building your audience on Google

  1. Update your Google My Business profile

Your Google My Business profile is the free listing that appears for your business on both Google Maps and Google Local Search results. Due to special hours, physical closings, and limited travel, consumers are performing even more “near me” and “open now” searches on Google during Covid-19. They’re also searching for specific criteria such as delivery and online payment options. That being said, you should make the following updates to your profile to continue reaching your audience on Google:

  • Verify your hours (or mark your business as temporarily closed).
  • Modify your description (a.k.a. “From the business”) to include relevant COVID-19 offerings.
  • Have a category selected, as this will allow you to indicate industry-specific attributes, such as curbside pickup, drive-through and delivery for restaurants.
  • Create posts
  1. Create Google posts

Just like with social media platforms, you can publish posts to your Google My Business listing for free. But unlike social media platforms where users are leisurely scrolling, consumers on Google are actively seeking. Google My Business posts enable you to get your updates and special offers in front of consumers who are ready to engage, making this is a great way to reach and retain customers during COVID-19.

And with GMB’s new COVID-19 post type, you can be even more effective at reaching your audience at the right time. This is a great alternative to the Q&A section (“Is your business open during COVID-19?”), which is temporarily not appearing on profiles.

  1. Write relevant blog posts

The internet is saturated right now with COVID-19 content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still strive to show up on the first page of a Google search. The trick is to target long-tail keywords highly specific to your niche. For example, a chiropractor could write a blog post “At-home Lower Back Exercises” or “Avoid Neck Pain While in Quarantine.” This content costs nothing to create other than your time, which you might have more of at this point, anyway.

You could even tie in your geographic area for more effective targeting, like with a list titled “Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Mumbai.” These coronavirus-relevant pages will accumulate traffic in and of themselves right now, but they’ll also boost your overall website SEO for the long term. Our team of SEO experts and content marketers can help you design the perfect digital media strategy for your brand. 

Bonus strategy: Create a free Google Shopping listing

On April 21, Google announced the rollout of free shopping listings to all retailers to help them find more customers online in the wake of COVID-19. We suggest that you give this a try!

Building Your Audience on Facebook during COVID-19

  1. Hop on Facebook Live

More people are watching live videos right now than ever before. In fact, Facebook Live viewers have increased by up to 50 %. There are many obvious uses for this free Facebook marketing feature, such as answering COVID-19 customer questions, providing relevant advice, or leading a quarantine workout. But remember also that Facebook Live videos can be saved. With viewership at an all-time high, this is a good time to run live sessions on your traditional and evergreen topics, which you can repurpose down the line once the coronavirus has passed. Make facebook live a part of your organic social media marketing plan. Your customers will be different post pandemic, so be sure to cater to their new behaviours and needs.

  1. Do a lucky draw giveaway

If you’re open and delivering, it’s a good idea to add some extra delight to your deliveries. It’s an even better idea to add some mystery to the mix. You could run a giveaway where all orders placed within a particular time frame qualify for a free treat—and one lucky winner gets a gift card. Not only can this encourage more audience engagement, but it will boost their spirits, as well.

  1. Check in with your community

There’s a plethora of COVID-19 posts on social media, but that doesn’t mean you need to come up with an earth-shattering post to stand out to your audience. A simple, heart-felt post with no intention other than to wish your community well can go a long way. After all, genuineness is authentic.

Building your audience on Instagram during COVID-19

  1. Use COVID-19 hashtags

Hashtags are a free and yet powerful way to expand your social media visibility. There are, of course, many trending COVID-19 hashtags circulating around. But broad Instagram Hashtags like #COVID19 aren’t going to give you much visibility. The key is to use location and industry modifiers. For example:

  • Instead of #COVID19, try something like #covidfashion #covidpetsafety or #covidhomeschooling.
  • Instead of #wereinthistogether, try something like #indiastrong.

Some ideas for Covid 19 hashtags to be a part of your organic social media marketing strategy that can help modify your businesses are:

  • #DIY (think #diyhomedecor or #diyhaircut).
  • #boredombusters
  • #athome (like #athomeworkout or #athomelearning).
  • #quarantineedition
  • #quarantine (Including #quarantineparenting, #quarantinecrafts, #quarantinerecipes).

Of course, if you’re just looking to sprinkle in some friendly and uplifting hashtags, that’s fine too! Try COVID-19 hashtags like #wereinthistogether, #wellgetthroughthis, #allinthistogether, #thenewnormal, #alonetogether, #stayhome, #saferathome, and #sixfeetapart.

  1. Write COVID-friendly captions

There are a number of purposes your COVID-19 Instagram posts can serve. Here are some writing guidelines for Instagram captions to appropriately reach your Instagram audience:

  • When boosting morale: Keep captions light and not too specific; everyone is experiencing it differently.
  • When offering health and safety tips: Check captions for accuracy.
  • When providing updates: Keep captions concise with essentials only.
  • When promoting specific offerings: Include words like “curbside pickup” or “still available.” 

Building your audience on Twitter during COVID-19

  1. Repurpose reviews

Part of a clients’ Twitter strategy that we designed recently was that of taking quotes from positive customer reviews and creating tweets out of them. We have pushed them to continue this tactic throughout COVID-19, and we must say, it works. The tweets don’t ask you to leave a review or book a stay, but the positive words and attractive images do leave you feeling pretty good.

  1. Take up #supportsmallbusiness offers

There are plenty of consumers on Twitter right now who are offering to promote local businesses in their area. Run a hashtag search like #shoplocal, #supportsmallbusiness, #shoplocal[yourcity] or #smallbusiness and see if you find any offers.

These free digital marketing methods are great strategies for reaching your audience and alleviating economic hardships during COVID 19, but they can be adapted for use even after the pandemic has passed. Try them out and we can guarantee that you’ll come out of this pandemic with a stronger online presence than ever before.


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