Brand Building

Defining how you want to be perceived, organising your business based on this promise, communicating your promise and being consistent are the key steps of building a lucrative brand. We help you with the complete brand building process by generating awareness about your business and analysing the competition. Skéveur curates customised strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting brand image in the marketplace. Right from the discovery of the brand, competitor research, story telling, designing, marketing, image building to increasing brand ROI suggestions – we cater to it all!

What we do

Brand Inception

Have a marvellous business idea? Want to turn that idea to an outstanding brand to achieve your vision and yield unceasing profits? We help you dig deep and find those factors which distinguish your brand from that of others. We then help you create a distinctive brand in terms of – design, product classifications, services and outlining the key quality and benefits that your brand offers.

We help you determine what i.e. the products or services you offer to your customers, the how i.e. things that differentiate you from the competition and the why i.e. reason you are passionate and why you exist. We help you build a brand that has customer loyalty &  market differentiation and thus holds market leadership.

Brand Rejuvenation

Have you ever felt that your current brand image has lost its lustre? Do you feel that your brand has reached maturity and profits have begun to decline?

Brand rejuvenation is what you need! We help you rejuvenate your brand by keeping the fundamentals the same, but changing its image to present it in a whole new way; updating elements like the logo, colour scheme, tone-of-voice and website. Essentially, it is like giving your business a makeover. With years of experience in brand perception management we tailor a fresh, undeniably attractive brand image to take your business to the next level.

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