Lifestyle Management

Our lifestyle managers can assist you in everything from managing personal errands, to social & dining etiquettes, to achieving fitness and nutrition goals, to organizing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We help you with the end-to-end process of evolving your current lifestyle to match it with the one you desire.

What we do

Health and Wellness Coaching

We are often led to believe that to have a successful career means that you have to sacrifice your health and mental well being. Skéveur is here to help you have it all! For a holistic approach to self improvement we offer a wellness consultation that focuses on your mind and body through workouts and diet. Our diet and nutrition guidance are tailored to suit your routine and professional life so you can find the ideal balance.

We offer recommendations on creating your personal space, design aesthetics and organisation that suit your sensibilities. Your surroundings have the power to elevate your mindset and lifestyle; we aim to give you the tools to make your home a safe space for rejuvenation and positive reinforcement so you can improve your quality of living. This programme is not just about losing weight, it is designed to show you how to live a healthy life – always and forever. You will be motivated to make long term lifestyle changes relating to food intake and energy output which in turn gives you a more balanced life.

International Dining Etiquettes

Do you prefer to be the host or the guest? As a host, it is time for you to enjoy the role of setting a formal table. As a guest, you will enhance your confidence by discovering how to navigate a multitude of utensils and stemware seamlessly and elegantly. This hands-on visually engaging session will distinguish between official protocol, formal and informal table décor, table settings, table service and table manners (British, French, American and international variations). Learn the international placement variations as well as usage of tricky utensils such as the escargot holder, fruit cutlery, coupes versus flutes, etc

Master the art of fine dining where you will enjoy a full, formal six-course luncheon where no detail is left unturned. Learn how to navigate a formal table setting, proper utensil usage and how to eat difficult-to-manoeuvre foods with style and grace. Special attention will be given to decoding the nuances of English vs French dining styles, as well as various do’s and do n’t around the globe.

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