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We are a dynamic mix of marketing innovators, developers, storytellers, strategy developers, trainers and perception managers who deliver premier integrated marketing & communication services.

We at Skéveur, extend our wide range of services to Corporate firms, Startups, Fashion & Lifestyle brands, Luxury & Retail brands, Leisure & Hospitality brands, Individuals and essentially to anyone who wants to elevate their brand presence. Our team of diversified experts develop and design strategies that meet the overall objectives of your brand using integrated marketing solutions. Skéveur provides steady and cost-effective marketing & branding services using the latest technology support and innovative methods. 

The logo of Skéveur illustrates a four-leaf clover. Tradition holds that you are lucky if you find a white clover that has four leaves. The four leaves stand for faith, hope, love and success respectively, which are the paramount factors of leading a fulfilling life. At Skéveur, we ensure that every brand is catered to with utmost care and custom-built solutions, entailing the foregoing factors.

When these four leaves of the clover come together, it gives you an instant vision of a butterfly, which symbolises transformation, i.e. evolution to become the best version of itself. The arrow on the top right corner of the logo depicts moving forward towards the right direction with Skéveur. It has been widely cited that one out of every 10,000 white clovers has four leaves, the rarest of the rare. At Skéveur, we ensure that we provide your brand with exceptional end-to-end Marketing, Branding, PR, Perception management and Training services keeping these values in mind. 

We, At Skéveur, would love to be a part of your escalation journey and see you thrive!

Sneha Krishnani, the CEO and Founder of Skéveur is a certified Image Consultant and a Marketing & Communications expert. She has worked with several global brands such as KPMG, Kimberly Clark, Sony Pictures Networks and Acrysil Ltd, at top organisational positions. She embraces the idea that change is the only constant. We must constantly grow and uplift ourselves as well as others in every opportunity in order to survive. Sneha’s passion to create an impact and help brands achieve their greatest potential has been realised through ‘Skéveur’.

At Skéveur, we offer various services such as brand building, executive & lifestyle consultation, soft skills and leadership training, confidence building workshops and corporate seminars to help you build and become the best version of yourself. Sneha states “This also applies to businesses. Today’s market-savvy consumers consider the brand image as an integral part of the product or service they choose. This is because they aren’t just buying a product or a service, but the brand value, social clout and benefits associated with it. To put it simply, customers want a brand that answers the question ‘why would I be thrilled to be your customer?’ In today’s world, this also extends to your image.”  

With years of experience, a keen eye for design and incredible aptitude for brand perception management, Sneha Krishnani’s Skéveur is here to help you elevate your personal and professional brand image to a stunning new level of success.

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