Public Relations Management

Public Relations Management is mastering the art of storytelling and then ensuring that the same story gains positive media attention. Skéveur provides strategic communications advice and services to help clients manage overall positioning and transformative events affecting their reputation, business, and market value. We help clients communicate with all key stakeholders, including journalists, investors, analysts, employees, business partners, lawmakers, and regulators. We leverage strong relationships with key editors and reporters across all major media outlets.
From press releases to news contacts, we work with the most effective media channels to enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding and create a positive reception of your brand. We manage powerful content, accurate sources, and efficient timing to maximize your business’s media coverage.

What we do

Corporate PR

Corporate communications must speak to diverse audiences – your employees, investors, stakeholders, customers, and more – both during a crisis and when things are going well. For that reason, your communications must be clear and consistent to ensure that recipients perceive your brand as well-organized, accountable, and ethical.

Based on the unique structure and goals of your business, we work with you to develop a communications strategy that speaks to each sector of your audience accurately and effectively. We create controlled, yet versatile messages that convey the information your recipients need to know, in a language and tone they understand.

Individual PR

Individual/Personal PR is critical to your personal and professional success. Whether it’s ensuring that you are seen in the right places through securing appropriate interviews in the media or speaking opportunities. Or ensuring that your digital profile is up to date, representative, and accurate, personal PR will be essential to advancing your personal and commercial interests. Every personal public relations brief is unique and will demand its own carefully considered approach.

We have supported highly successful, visible entrepreneurs as well as senior executives who need support to raise their profile in the right circles, whether that’s through securing an interview, attaining speaking opportunities, or managing social media channels in the right way. We cater to all your personal PR needs with utmost care and exclusivity.

Celebrity Management

We work alongside individuals from the worlds of entertainment, politics, film, television, sport, business, and more, providing niche celebrity public relations services that ensure the brand’s goals and the celebrity are met with eminence.

We help some of the industry’s most well respected actors, musicians, and filmmakers to build their brands and promote their individual voice. Our team collaborates with each client to maximize their potential brand awareness. We focus on developing high creative public relations strategies to enhance their public and professional image.

Fashion and Lifestyle

When it comes to fashion and lifestyle brands, visibility is key, name recognition is everything and brand awareness helps drive consumer sales. Whatever the goal – launching a new line, developing strategies to dominate a category or building associations between brands and influencers, or celebrities – our Lifestyle division creates smart lifestyle public relations programs that capture attention for today’s leading companies, from consumer products and brands to entertainment, apparel, fashion and media brands.

Skéveur understands how to develop unique, integrated messages for lifestyle brands that maintain brand authenticity- ensuring client stories resonate with consumers. We regularly and consistently generate strategic focused media coverage for our clients, keeping them top of mind when people are ready to buy. From couture to mass market, consumer to trade, men’s and women’s apparel, and business media, our reach is limitless.

Retail and Jewellry

Skéveur is synonymous with luxury brands cementing us as the go-to agency for jewellery PR. We offer luxury jewellery brands a fresh outlook and cut-through coupled with years of expertise, all of which are essential for an ever-crowded marketplace. From the launch of international brands into new markets to product placement and blogger outreach, Skéveur is an industry leader within the realm of retail and jewellery brands. We ensure that our clients receive maximum quality exposure and engagement with tangible results.

Leisure and Hospitality

Today’s travelers have access to a world of information. Skéveur ’s public relation services help some of the world’s most admired travel and hospitality brands reach these consumers, providing inspiration for their next adventure. Whether it’s introducing a destination to travelers, launching a new property or promotion, building engagement, or developing strategies to dominate a market, our team creates sophisticated programs that capture attention for travel and hospitality brands in a crowded, distracted world.

We help our clients garner ongoing publicity, educating business and leisure travellers, media and travel influencers about destinations, properties and tourism programs. We help our clients create news that breaks them out of travel media, generating coverage that spans lifestyle, digital, business and more. Our clients benefit from experiential events that help them imagine themselves at a destination and reach passionate travellers through non-traditional approaches that reach consumers as they’re making decisions about where to go, where to stay and what to enjoy.

Food and Beverage

We serve up your story. Food and beverage choices are personal, and consumers have made this clear in demanding more diverse and more functional products from their favorite brands. With the category evolving so quickly, it’s hard to open a magazine, read a blog or listen to a podcast without learning about an emerging food or beverage trend.

With new brands, lines, products, and restaurants introduced each day, we understand competition for space (in shopping carts, on shelves and in the media) is fierce. From facilitating the launch of new products to developing long-term creative strategies that ensure maximum media coverage, sell products, increase distribution and win market share, our experience and results in the food and beverage arena are unparalleled. We understand healthy beverages, tell compelling public relations narratives in the Alcohol/Spirits space, functional beverage arena and more.

Product PR

A theory proposes that advertising is generally seen as propaganda. As such, it is less credible than publicity through public relations because this is viewed as helpful and real, especially when it is recognized that a third party has written the news items. The audience’s receptiveness to any review of products or services is somewhat more open than when reading an advertisement which is usually suspected of not telling the whole story. Reviews are believed and seen to relate both the positive and negative aspects of the product or service.

We help you craft the perfect product differentiation PR strategy for your product. We help you convey what the factors that make your new launch product stand out from that of your competitors are. We specialise in preconditioning. This prepares the audience for a coming product release to increase their anticipation for what this product can supposedly do. Preconditioning includes communicating and amplifying the need that your product can fill.

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