As a key contributor and trend setter we are passionate about corporate image styling. Be it for industry leaders, corporate women or a work force of modern professionals we offer brand specific image consultancy to complement your growth and success.

Leadership Training

In a rapidly changing work culture and corporate landscape we ensure proven leaders and trail blazers get noticed. With Skéveur take command of more than just your area of expertise. Our proven behavioural, management and people training are designed to help industry leaders stay ahead of the curve.

We help you create a professional, uniquely identifiable image to reflect your vision. We provide consultation services on ethical management of peers, subordinates and support staff. Our senior management training is designed to help you evolve and stay on par with global standards and practices related to equal opportunity, effective management of cultural differences, working with global clients and problem solving. Our image consultants are also here to help you shape your wardrobe and grooming so you can be functional and fashionably forward.

Corporate Women Training

Skéveur is passionate about truly elevating the self image and confidence of women in a corporate set up. Our goal is to empower women to be confident, well-groomed and fierce in making their corporate dreams a reality.

The Art Of Dressing

The way you dress can have a profound impact on others perception of you and how they approach you. This is especially true for those working in the corporate sector. Our Art of Dressing program helps you master your dressing sense. Our consultant will help you discover your corporate and personal image so you can feel comfortable in your skin with visible results in how others interact with you.

The Power Of Brand ‘You’

Do you feel you often imitate your surroundings? Does your hard work go unnoticed? Take control with the power of developing brand ‘you’. Learn the recipe for success by fully realising and building your own unique brand image along with first class soft skills and ethics training. This program will help you command the room and leave your imprint on all your endeavours so you can get recognised with ease.