Sneha Krishnani is an image consultant and marketing expert with years of experience in transforming individuals, teams and brands into success stories. Ones image plays a huge role in growing your confidence and boosting morale than you might think. So here are a few ways we can help you boost your image:

Image Makeover– The Complete Package

Have you ever felt inadequate to voice your opinion in a group, or insecure about your appearance and body language? Image Makeover is a program designed to give to you a complete image boost from communication and soft skills to styling and confidence building. This comprehensive service is a detailed step-by-step approach to holistic image building. We train you in social etiquette and communication so you can feel confident in voicing your opinions. Our personal shopping and personality development sessions will give you the tools you need to be noticed. This course aims to give you an all around image enhancing makeover that is guaranteed change your life. Fitness advice and nutrition guidance from experts is also a part of this program.


Best Version Of ‘You’

Have you ever felt lost in your identity or underwhelmed about your social persona? This training offers the opportunity for you to introspect, meet and cultivate better self-acceptance to become the best version of you. We help you discover the authentic version of yourself and guide through self acceptance so you can form better relationships and be kinder and above all be the best version of you.

Virtual Consulting

Many individuals find it difficult to truly realise their full potential as they hardly take the time to work on themselves. In the frantic pace of our professional and personal lives this is understandable but not ideal. Are you willing to make the change but are on a tight schedule? Our virtual consulting service offers you the attention and care you need to better yourself. Get the most out of your desire to elevate your image and time with our virtual consulting service.


Millennial Training

For the highly energetic, enigmatic and career oriented, our image consultant service offers the opportunity to discover and become the best version of you. In a generation of instant validation and quick judgement create a robust self-image and break barriers to achieve your goals.

Home Makers’ Magic

Irrespective of your profession and social or monetary strength, what makes all your hard work worth it are the ones who make your home. Home makers are entitled to the same amount of appreciation and access to tools to be successful. For young and veterans of home improvement and living, we consult and train homemakers to look and feel their best. We endeavour to help you create your ideal image to be one that resonates with your home and loved ones.


Soft Skills And Etiquette Training

Do you have great ideas but often feel inadequate or filled with self-doubt to speak up? Or have you ever felt you don’t fit in at social gatherings? Our soft skills and etiquette training offers a comprehensive guide and practical solutions in social, official and public engagement. It always pays to know, understand and command your surroundings. Our soft skills and etiquette training program is designed to help you create a refined and robust self image so you can grow with confidence in any environment.

First Impressions

Are you taking your first big step in setting up your business? Meeting an investor? Or finally going on that first date? As they say, make your first impression the best impression. Studies have suggested that it only takes 7 seconds for a person to form an opinion about someone in their first interaction. We help you cease the moment and make it the best one! We offer you the soft skills, styling and etiquette training you need to make the best first impression ever.