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Our training services are designed to help you thrive in your professional as well as personal life. We intricately design our programmes to suit various individuals of all age groups and backgrounds. Our wide stretch of training service methods equip you to learn and imbibe and thus adapt to divergent situations in order to excel.

What we do

Leadership Training

Our Leadership training programmes are short-term programmes intended to help you refresh and build on your existing leadership skills in order to increase your leadership capacity in your current job – and in your next job.

With Skéveur, take command of more than just your area of expertise. Our proven behavioural, management and people skills development training programmes are designed to help industry leaders stay ahead of the curve. We help you create a professional, uniquely identifiable image to reflect your vision. We provide consultation services on the ethical management of peers, subordinates and support staff.

Our senior management training program is designed to help you evolve and stay on par with global standards and practices related to equal opportunity, effective management of cultural differences, working with global clients and problem-solving.

Soft Skills and Etiquette Training

Do you have great ideas but often feel inadequate or are filled with self-doubt when the time comes to speak up? Have you ever felt you don’t fit in at social gatherings?

Our soft skills and etiquette training programme offers a comprehensive guide and practical solutions in social, official and public engagement. It is always valuable to know, understand and command your surroundings. The programme is designed to help you create a refined and robust self image so you can excel with confidence in any environment.

Negotiation Skills Training

Our advanced Negotiation Skills course is the perfect launchpad for people stepping into the field of negotiation/ sales. The highly interactive sessions include a challenging mix of practical exercises, online tools, video analysis and bite-sized lectures from expert coaches. We prepare people of all ages, backgrounds and levels to become successful negotiators; equipping trainees with a proven methodology and changing their behaviour in negotiation situations

Corporate Women Training

Skéveur is passionate about truly elevating the self-image and confidence of women in a corporate set-up. Our goal is to encourage women to be confident, well-groomed and fierce in making their corporate dreams a reality. Our women training programmes focus on empowering women and helping them achieve their corporate desires while maintaining and accomplishing the goals of their respective organisation.

The Art of Dressing

The way you dress can have a profound impact on others’ perception of you and how they approach you. This is especially true for those working in the corporate sector. The Art of Dressing program helps you redefine and master your dressing sense. Skéveur will help you discover your corporate and personal image so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin with visible results in how others interact with you. Having a pleasant dressing sense will definitely give you an edge and create a positive impression.

The Power of Brand ‘YOU’

Do you often feel intimidated by your surroundings? Does your hard work go unnoticed? Take control with the power of developing the brand ‘You’. Learn the recipe for success by fully realising and building your own unique brand image along with our global soft skills and ethics training. This program will help you make your mark in any room and fulfil all your endeavours with finesse.

Confidence Building Workshops

Confidence can seem an elusive thing. Many people feel that it’s something you either do or don’t have. But confidence, and the self-esteem on which that is based, can be taught. The variety of techniques which we use in our confidence building workshops can help you:
  • Give better presentations. We will show you how to create convincing narratives and deliver them in an attractive, effective manner.
  • Perform better at interviews. You can learn how to create empathy with your interviewer(s).
  • Speak up in meetings. It’s easy to remain silent and later regret that. But you don’t have to. We teach some simple mental techniques to make you an active, constructive participant in group meetings.
  • Enjoy meeting new people. Quiet the negative self-talk that comes with shyness, and, instead, build rapport quickly and genuinely.
  • Deal with difficult people. Understanding their motivations will enable you to handle these individuals calmly and effectively.
  • Feel better about yourself. Underlying all the above is the art of mindful self-esteem.

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